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At, we have helped over 1.5 million couples go from engaged to ‘Just Married’ without the stress and expense of a big traditional wedding!

During our many years in the elopement industry, we have heard just about every question, concern, and misconception regarding choosing elopement and we have done our best to answer them all!

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Has COVID-19 Impacted Your Wedding Plans? Many couples who planned to get married in the second half of 2020 have been holding off on changing their plans to see how Coronavirus would play out.  Has COVID-19 impacted your wedding plans? Although restrictions are easing in many parts of the country, there are still many social […]



How Coronavirus Has Re-Shaped 2020 Wedding Trends 2020 has been a strange year, hasn’t it? The COVID-19 pandemic has touched all aspects of our lives and changed our day to day way of life in many different ways. If you are one of many couples who had planned on getting married this year, then it […]

Covid-19 weddings


Covid-19 Weddings: Postpone, Cancel or Elope? Planning your wedding has always been a somewhat stressful event, but for couples planning to marry in 2020 that stress has risen to a whole new level! Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a great deal of uncertainty surrounding weddings and other celebrations and it is unclear […]



Weddings in the Time of Covid – by Lois Heckman, Celebrant [Weddings in the Time of Covid was on our minds 5/20/20.] Lois Heckman said: “It was so valuable to be a part of the ‘Where to Elope’ family for a recent webinar [that Dave Westfall Co-Hosted for the ALP – Association of Lodging Professionals] […]


Discover our Editor’s annual list of the Best Places To Elope as voted by Eloping Couples!

places to elope

The next step on your search for the perfect Elopement Packages is to find the appropriate “places to elope”! It doesn’t matter if you have been thinking of an intimate beach wedding, a wedding chapel, a mountain, a romantic exotic destination, or a cruise wedding. You are sure to find your place to elope in our Elopement Vendor Directory. After you’ve narrowed down your search to “where” then you can focus on the specific “place” to hold your wedding ceremony. You’ll find a variety of elopement vendors on at places to elope like B&Bs, Inns, Hotels, Officiants, Photographers, Wedding Chapels, Cruise Ships, and other Wedding Venues. Some of the Mobile Elopement Vendors will even travel to meet you at your “Place”.

Eloping allows you to get married with more flexibility. Better still – you can do it with less time, stress and MONEY than large traditional weddings! On you can choose from over 1400 places to elope!


big weddings suck

Regardless if you are inviting 10 guests, 40 or having an intimate ceremony for two, you still want the day to be special. We can help you select the right elopement packages and guide you towards affordable places to elope and elopement destinations. Still wondering if a small wedding or  elopement is right for you?  Then click on this image to get my new book BIG Weddings SUCK! to discover how to save 50-90% on your wedding plus 20 Alternatives to a traditional BIG wedding.

Look at the Elopement Vendors listed on our country, state or province pages to get an idea of the best venues and places to elope.

Where To Elope is the easiest way to Just Married!


Over the last nine years, has helped over 1.5 Million Couples, just like you, go from Engaged to ‘Just Married’.

We’ve helped them find places to elope without all of the cost, stress, energy and time that often comes with planning a traditional BIG wedding. That’s why we say, is the “Elopement Authority Site” for “where to elope”, “elopement planning” and “elopement packages”.



After you’ve chosen your “place to elope” then you’ll want to narrow your search even further to select your specific elopement package. At this stage you’re probably going to want to do some comparison shopping before you book your wedding. So, that’s why created our Wedding Elopement Package Listing database that allows you to shop by location, price and package type.

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